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Spring Landscape Checklist

Spring is here! And while we are still waiting on the weather to catch up with the actual season change, let's make sure you have your spring landscaping checklist for when the weather decides to warm up!

2023 Spring Landscaping Checklist:

  1. Fertilize soil: Apply fertilizer to your lawn to help it look lush and green.

  2. Get ready to re-mulch: Refresh the mulch around your garden to give your landscape a neat and tidy look.

  3. Prune and shape your shrubs: Cut back any overgrown shrubs, and shape them for a neat look.

  4. Fill in your lawns: Fill in lawn low spots and rake for seeding

  5. Check sprinklers: Make sure all of your sprinklers are working properly.

  6. Repair any damage: Check for any damage to your outdoor structures, and repair it if necessary.

We hope you have a great spring!

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