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Why You Need Shoreline Restoration on Your Northeast Wisconsin Property

Updated: Feb 21

Lakeshore restoration is one of the many services we offer here at Orion, and it's not just for looks!

Shoreline erosion has become a serious issue on the bodies of water of Wisconsin, especially with the warm Springs and heavy rainfall over the past few years. Although we all love the look of a lush lawn area up to the lakeshore, this can cause a lot of erosion on your property. And, according to the DNR, it's a landowner's responsibility to plan & implement erosion control on the property.

About RipRap Erosion Control:

At Orion, we often use the riprap erosion control method. According to the Wisconsin DNR, riprap can be defined as, "Riprap is a blanket of appropriately sized stones, fitted to the slope and shape of the shoreline, extending from the toe of the slope to a height needed for long-term durability." Check out these recent ripraps:

Why Hire A Professional To Complete Your Shoreline Restoration:

Shoreline restoration is a complex process, where safety, quality, and compliance should be considered.

We have to follow state and local laws and regulations, build at the highest of quality to withstand years of natural conditions that lakes and rivers entail, and make sure that safety standards are followed during the installation process. At Orion, we work closely with the appropriate departments so your project is properly completed in compliance with state and local laws to ensure the safety of the land, animals, and people.

Lakeshore properties are our specialty service here at Orion, so we have the experience needed to be able to deliver safe, high-quality, and compliant shoreline restorations in Northeast Wisconsin.

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