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Winter Landscaping Tips

We know you're anxious to break out the sleds and hot chocolate, but first...let's talk winter landscaping tips!

1.) Not prepping correctly

Make sure to follow a seasonal landscaping schedule to ensure that you are taking the right precautions each season, so your landscaping will be ready for the next one. In the fall, make sure to rake those leaves to prevent mold, apply a fertilizer containing high levels of potassium, and aerate the lawn.

2.) Letting your commercial plower know about your landscape design

Need a copy of your design to show commercial plowers? No problem! Once the snow piles up, it can be difficult for plow drivers to know what lies underneath it.

3.) Don't use rock salt

Rock salt can stain your hardscapes and can even negatively effect your plants, considering most plants don't thrive in salty soils.

4.) Watch where you put your snow pile

Heaps of snow can be heavy and cause dead areas in your lawn or even destroy your lawn and landscaping plants. Make sure to avoid main grass areas and plant beds.

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